Be Amazed at these Top 10 Creepiest Things Found in the Woods! The Bunker – Somewhere in the woods of Northern Germany, a mysterious bunker was discovered by a couple who first noticed some pipes sticking out of the ground. The Mysterious Man – In nearby Switzerland, people are dealing with a different type of mystery in the woods, a man dressed in a military outfit, cape, and gas mask. He was first spotted around 10 years ago. Dead Animals – When someone finds a dead animal in the woods, they typically have one of three reactions: it’s cool, disgusting, or fascinating. Breathing Earth – When they say that the earth is alive, they don’t mean that it’s literally alive and breathing, yet it seems like that’s exactly what a man in Canada seemed to have caught on film. The Mysterious Cabin – While out marking trees on a nature preserve, a Californian worker stumbled across something unexpected. Strange Statues – There’s no shortage of strange statues that can be found in the woods, including ones made to look like female body parts on wooded islands.


20 thoughts on “Creepy Things Found in the Woods

  1. I was walking in a forest but I found a hanging body so then I called one of the locals and they said this forest was called suicide forest

  2. I found a satanic cult it freaked me the fuck out and i ran for my life and called the police never seen them again

  3. Number 8 reminds me of Greek mythology. They all had children with their brother/sister. Like Zeus and Demeter has Persephone or Hephaestus came from Zeus and Hera

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