Akihabara might be known as the center of the anime, video game, and manga universe. But it’s roots are in it’s electronics markets – some of the coolest in the world! Today, we’re exploring the back alleys and cramped corridors with John Daub from the channel Only in Japan.

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20 thoughts on “Exploring Akihabara, Tokyo's Electronics Markets – w/Only in Japan!

  1. This was what I first thought of when someone mentions Akihabara. I was a computer nerd at first and then got into games and then anime and manga. My dream is to go to Akihabara someday and just loose all my money in those old school electronic shops!! Thanks for sharing your experience. I love your channel. Very informative. I watching informative electronic engineering channels (that is an odd way of saying that. Sorry). Thanks for your videos!!

  2. Hey buddy. You said in your post just now, I can ask you for something. As far as I know I could order new iPhone models directly in China (SZ). Can you confirm that these are original. I have no desire for disease dead and spoil by Apple. I live in Germany. I'm already fighting the IS, "so s" please be lenient.

  3. I also recently went to Akihabara. 私も最近秋葉原へ行ったよ。
    The city is large area, so 街が大きいから
    if you didn't decide where to go, どこへ行きたいか決めないと、
    just walk away and the day will be over. ただ歩いているだけで一日が終わってしまいますよ。
    And there were a lot of people walking そして、たくさんの人が歩いていましたね、
    while shooting on ther smartphone. スマートフォンで撮影しながら。
    I also took a video in Akihabara. 私も秋葉原で動画を撮りました。

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